GLT Testimonies

See below what the youth is saying about their experiences at the WOD conferences over the years. See video click here

Mazvita Makoni: GLT has given me a place to explore my Zimbabwean identity and find out who I am, both in Christ and through my heritage. For the past three years, I have looked forward to coming to this conference so that I can be immersed in a community of girls whose values, struggles, and experiences align so precisely with my own. I love this organization and the community of young African sisters it has allowed me to be connected with.

Matida Makoni: Being a part of GLT has given me a community of girls who look like me, raised like me and understand the challenges of growing up in the United States as a black girl. The opportunity to share the word of God and learn how to respect ourselves is a gift like no other. We learn thatGod loves us and cherishes us because we are his diamonds. I can’t wait for WOD 2019.
Vanesu Jakachira: GLT for me has been an amazing experience because it provides a safe space for girls to grow. We are surrounded by people going through similar situations and offering support because they know what it is like. Growing up for anyone isn’t easy, but it’s manageable with people who genuinely care about you and your wellbeing. From our peers to our teachers GLT has taught us how to be young women. The teachings from the Word and the wisdom passed down from the older generation are valuable as we learn who we are. I’m just grateful I get to be a part of it!
Michelle Makayi: WOD/GLT has been a powerful platform created to empower women and the girl child. It has taught me as a young African woman to to be proud of my identity and to fully understand what it means to be wonderfully and fearfully made. Watching our mothers celebrate themselves as Zimbabwean women has been encouraging, helping us not to lose our culture and values. In addition, it has taught me not to only be content with my own success in the diaspora, but to also impact the lives of others back home. I am truly grateful for this platform that has given young women like me an opportunity to be mentored and to be a mentor to others. Most importantly, it has taught me to embrace my God given dominion and to embrace my identity as an empress in the kingdom of God.