Current Project



  • Because of a genetic disorder, PLWA are at risk for health conditions such as skin cancer.
  • In the last 3 years WOD focused on shipping sun protective that included sunscreens.
  • Because of ongoing research on how to help this marginalized population WOD discovered that available sunscreens though they might prevent sunburn PLWA still developed cancer.
  • Dr. Joey Chifamba, a pharmacist and professor at University of Zimbabwe who while working with PLWA and researching discovered the following:
  • that Black PLWA are affected differently by the Sub-Sahara climate, altitude and latitude
  • that the sun is not the only thing we need to worry about, PLWA are still affected when its cloudy and rainy
  • that not only is the skin texture of Black PLWA different from Caucasian but that Black albinistic skin is not just one skin type
  • that the guidelines for typical sunscreens are not effective in cancer prevention for PLWA in tropical Africa – they promote tanning, are water proof, and do not moisturize.


  • Dr. Chifamba developed approved sunscreens that have wound healing, anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, antibiotics and anti-oxidants agents.
  • Currently he is producing these sunscreens to help PLWA.
  • Although 20,000 PLWA does not seem like an enormous population, however, Dr. Chifamba is not able to single-handedly meet the despairing demands.
  • This is where WOD comes in. WOD has now refocused its supply of sunscreen from shipping them from abroad to buying them from Dr. Chifamba.
  • WOD believes in self-sustenance. A more sustainable plan to help this isolated communities is required.
  • WOD is planning its first 2 week mission trip to Zimbabwe in 2019 to help PLWA to produce community projects such as raising and selling chickens, sewing uniforms to sell, and growing and selling produce, while ministering to them.
  • These WOD funded projects will specifically be for the community to raise funds to purchase sunscreens for themselves at a very low cost.
  • During this first mission trip, WOD would also like to buy 2500 sunscreens that will be distributed to PLWA with the most damaged skins for free.


  • Each sunscreen costs $4.50. WOD’s goal is to raise $15,000.
  • $11,250 will go towards 2500 tubes of sunscreens and the $3,750 will go towards initiating community projects.


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