Girls Let’s Talk


GLT Director – Maud Makoni

Mrs. Maud Makoni is married to her husband of 19 years, Kumbi, and together are parents to daughters Matida (16), Mazvita (14), and son Kudzi (8). She grew up in a Godly family in the Methodist Church and is a grandchild of a Reverend. The Makoni’s currently reside in Illinois. For the past 16 years they have been actively participating and contributing in many ways to the body of Christ as members of Calvary Assemblies of God Church in Naperville.

Mrs. Makoni studied Occupational Therapy at the University of Zimbabwe and later specialized in Hand Therapy in the USA. She is a Certified Hand Therapist and works with the youth as well in that line of work.

Youth leadership has always been her a greatest passion. She spent most of her youth from 2nd grade through college in GCU (Girls Christian activities) and Scripture Union, maintaining various leadership positions. She also is a host for youth ‘Crew nights’ in her home on a monthly basis. Girls Let’s Talk is one group of youth she has great passion for and something she is very personally committed to.




Girls Let’s Talk (GLT)

MissionThe mission of GLT is to spiritually, socially empower & equip the teenage girl to preserve her PURITY, MODESTY and RESPECT for self and GOD.

 “But you are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people for his own possession, that you may proclaim the excellences of him who called you out of darkness into his marvelous light. Once you were not a people, but now you are God’s people; once you had not received mercy, but now you have received mercy” 1 Peter 2:9-10

The youth of today is the chosen generation. The world has changed for the worst and there is no end in sight. The child born in this generation deserves a chance to shine for God regardless of the noise.

Vision: The vision is to see the teens become parents who have maintained the Biblical truths of purity and modesty rooted in God’s Word. We want to create a generation of parents who do not conform to the standards of this world for HIS name’s sake. As an immigrant, maintaining pride of heritage and culture is a God given benefit and must be maintained for generations to come.

The vision came about while at a Women of Dominion conference. It was impressed on Mrs. Makoni’s heart that the next generation of women is currently under heavy strongholds. It will be hard to hear the word of God, it’s too noisy, and the SPIRIT MAN (Genesis 2:7; 1 Thess. 5:23) in our children has no chance. It is the Spirit Man that hears and speak with God. They have so many distractions. Heritage and culture is being eroded.

Mrs. Makoni believes her assigned mission in the world is to reach out to the next generation, based on the true belief that God created heavens and earth and all that is in it for God’s own pleasure (Genesis 1). We are called to holiness and purity because our bodies are the temple of God (1 Corinthians 6:19)

Focus Areas: 

GLT focuses on many teachings. Here are some of the tracks.


True love that waits has become bad words in some circles of society for many reasons. Being a virgin is considered old fashioned amongst today’s youths. Yet the bible emphasizes the importance of virgins. It is pleasing to the Lord when we are obedient. When we keep His temple, our body, holy for His purposes: That’s righteousness.

Following many weeks of Bible study and teachings, once a year willing teens will sing the Purity Pledge and get a commitment ring to maintain a Purity ring. This can be renewed yearly. Purity pledge is optional.


Teens are encouraged to be modest in all aspects of life. They do not need to conform to the standards of this world. Worldly beauty is only skin deep, but Godly beauty is as deep as the character of a person. The very first meeting that was held with 5 girls at a Calvers ice cream place remains very memorable to Mrs. Makoni. She asked the girls very simple questions and listened: “What is modesty to you”? “What has mom told you”? “What does the Bible say”?

Here is what the kids had to say. “It is to be to be conservative, protecting; touches the humility of person; it’s a character issue; one’s attitude and use of words”. Anything contrary to the above was described or seen as attention seeking behavior. For instance, showing one’s cleavage is inviting the wrong kind of guys to pay attention to one.

Knowledge of God:

Many topics are covered, e.g. fruit of the Holy Spirit, the armor of God, money, prayer, giving, fasting, pride of heritage and culture, etc. The girls are given topics to research and present to the rest of the group. Guest speakers including pastors, youth pastors, teenage boys, Dad’s, have taught during the GLT meetings and the girls take great notes and share lessons learned and practical application.

Activities: Activities that encourage our heritage and African pride. Projects that encourage giving back to people with albinism in Zimbabwe. This is one of our adopted projects as a group. Charity ideas for paying tuition for less fortunate children in Africa. Parental support is essential. Attending conferences like Women of Dominion, CFI, Women of Faith conferences is one of the annual events. Related conferences are encouraged where the youth get to meet others. There is power in being with people who are like you. We are still looking for ideas that encourage our native languages. All ideas welcome. Any teachers of the language of Shona or Ndebele please contact us.

How to get involved? The teens are located across the country. We meet on a conference call.

Conference Phone: 712) 775-7031and Pin: 970060

Our meetings are coordinated via “GroupME’ chat group: all teens are welcome. Parents can join a separate chat group for ease of general communication. If interested, please contact:   Mrs. Makoni 630-728-7243 or Who are leaders: This group is led by parents and the youth themselves. It’s their group. We have Pastors who shepherd us and a core committee of parents who assist with planning. All parents should encourage their children to participate and get involved.

Goals for TN in 2017

  1. Unity among our youths
  2. Make new friends in the Lord
  3. Life changing experience and spiritual growth
  4. Leadership development.

Register the youth and pay $10 activity/registration fee. Call us and ask questions!!! Activities- Join us for meetings and studies now!! We will have T-shirts made for the upcoming WOD conference in TN Will have our own separate program from the Mothers in TN We will have our own Praise Band by Faith in TN and our speakers. All teens attending will have topics by March 2017, and will preach the word to the others. We are creating leaders!!

Please register and let’s go to TN in 2017.